Introducing the SUPERDOLLAR

SuperDollar is a distributed open app store using the blockchain and P2P for trading computer resources using the SuperDollar. Superdollar allows you to share your unused CPU/GPU cycles in a global marketplace. You are free to choose which project you want to mine (Rendering, Transcoding, AI, Scientific research, ...). The open app store allows anyone publish an app and contribute minable superdollars. These can then be mined by anyone around the world by providing a proof of stake. Data is exchanged in a secure decentralized P2P system backed by blockchain ledgers providing a complete autonomous system without central control.

Official Ico Sale on

Today's ISD Price : 0.01 USD

Tokens sold
8% Funded
$800,145 USD Raised

Distribution of the SUPERDOLLAR

SuperDollar coins will be distributed to the public during the ICO and presale using a smartcontract on the Ethereum blockchain where 51% of the total supply will be sold during this period. Any unsold coins are returned to the foundation wallet to be invested in app bounties, security audits and providing superdollars to exchanges around the world. A total of 8% has been presold to private investors at presale rate and the development team has a 10% stake that is blocked for 12 months from withrawal. Our funds allocation is heavily focussed on software development and security (bounty program) of the platform.

Coin distribution

Funds allocation


The Superdollar foundation will contribute 31% of the total supply to major scientific apps released on the platform that advance medical science and space exploration. Making them the most prominent apps to be mined on the platform, progressing the cause of the foundation and at the same time distributing more coins into the ecosystem. The goal of the foundation is to advance medical sciences and save the environment by taking all the resources being wasted today on useless hash calculations around the world, putting them to good use and at the same time provide an open ecosystem allowing anyone to build, publish, fund or mine apps. The App store allows anyone to publish apps, allowing anyone to contribute using superdollars or cpu resources. This allow anyone to build apps that require lots of resources and run them across the network for a fraction of the cost of commercial solutions. Making things possible like full scale weather forecast models, full-atom molecular simulations, machine learning advances, dna analysis, cryptographic testing and much more!
What would you do with near unlimited CPU resources?



Superdollar MasterCard

Launch of the SuperDollar MasterCard, allowing you to spend ISD directly without exchanges


App store bounty program

Bounty program for creation of apps on the appstore. Funding scientific apps by providing mineable ISD.


SuperDollar official release!

Official stable release. Exchange of ISD 1:1 to the superdollar blockchain. Security audit 2.


Testnet launch & Security Audit 1

Launch of the superdollar testnet. Creation of bug bounty program for security testing.


ICO Launch

Launching ICO coin (ISD) on ERC20-compiant ethereum blockchain. The ISD will be exchanged on stable release to SD


Technical analysis and market research


Initial idea and brainstroming

Block Schematics

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to purchase SuperDollars you will need an official ethereum wallet (like myetherwallet, MetaMask or Mist). Simply send ethereum to 0x1A72A37a6111D0d6c29D32dE3AA3C3264275E769 and you will automatically receive SuperDollars at the days exchangerate. You will need to add contract 0x1A72A37a6111D0d6c29D32dE3AA3C3264275E769 to your token watch list so you can see your superdollars in your wallet.

The minimum amount you can send is 0.05 Ether. Any transaction lower than this value will fail.

SuperDollar PRE-ICO starts on 1st of February 2018 until 14th (9AM eastern time). The ICO starts on the 14th of February and ends on March 14th at 9AM.

SuperDollar ICO presale the exchange rate will be at 0.01 USD / SuperDollar. Once the official ICO commences on 14th of February SuperDollars will be available at 0.025 USD / SuperDollar

SuperDollars are sent instantly to your Ethereum wallet. This is done automatically using the smart contract. Please allow upto 5 minutes for your transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain!

A total of 510,000,000 coins or 51% of the total supply is being sold during the ICO. Any unsold coins are returned to the foundation wallet to be invested in app bounties, security audits and providing superdollars to exchanges around the world.